Anna Creighton travels the globe, in the shadow of wealth and power. To some, she is the perfect, devoted girlfriend; to others, a ravenous courtesan. But only a handful of people know the truth: Anna is a secret agent, a modern day Mata Hari, gifted in the art of seduction, willing to do whatever it takes to complete her assignment!


When a year-long investigation threatens to unravel, a desperate covert agency turns to Anna for help. At first, her task seems simple enough: seduce a wealthy banker, and keep him working as an informant. Soon, however, Anna soon discovers there’s more to the job — and her target — than she could have ever imagined.

Now, the two are locked in a deadly erotic game, and the only way Anna can maintain her cover is by satisfying him in every way — but as their passions rise, will the secrets they carry destroy them both?

This dark 10,000 word espionage tale contains explicit sexual scenes of domination, psychological manipulation, and non-consensual play.


You won’t find nuclear bombs or gunfights in this story. This is a quiet, fast-moving thriller about who we are, what we want, and how far we’re willing to go to take it.

I’m as fond of the absurd James Bond adventure stuff as the next person, but he isn’t a spy. Not really. I’m a little tired of the cartoons we see, especially when the truth is just as exciting. Spies are like adulterers: consumed by secrets, dancing from one illicit meet to the next, always searching for a solution they know will never come, for the words that will finally set them free.

I also wanted to write about the world of escorts, a subject which has enjoyed a recent surge of popularity with recent offerings like Diary of a Call Girl or The Girlfriend Experience. All too often these stories only show one side, portraying it as either an unceasing panoply of horrors, or a completely glamorous fantastic adventure where nothing remotely bad happens ever. Anna is not an escort, of course, but she’s familiar with that world, and understands that the world is not only black and white.

Ms. Creighton is a fascinating, mysterious, dangerous woman who even I don’t fully understand. I’m not quite ready to write her big novel yet, but another short is definitely in order.

On the non-creative front, sales in the United States have been a little lackluster, but England and Germany have picked up the slack. Cheers for that.


P.S. Once again, I find kicking against the pricks valuable: there’s a very subtle twist about the concept of consent in SAFEWORD which never would have occurred to me without e-publishing’s absurd quasi-censorship.


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