The Virgin and the Punk Rock Princess

Everybody’s young, but not everybody’s innocent…. He’s the perfect student. She’s the wild hellraiser. Learn how an chance encounter at a gas station brought them together for one remarkable evening! This 7,000 word story contains an intimate depiction of two people finding comfort — and passion — in each other’s arms. 



When I lived on the border, I used to go to punk rock shows and occasionally my friends and I would hang out with the bands. I have always felt as though there is a special quality to practice rooms, something thrilling in potential that lies within the silence, although I have never played music myself.

This is a story that is mostly true, a story I have carried with me for a decade, a story I always have wanted to write, that is a relief to finally share. It would’ve been easy to dress it up, to turn this into something more than it was, to make it simple and crass and cliché. But I felt protective of its essence, which I heard from both parties in varying details. I have added some personal experiences and changed some details to ensure that privacy is maintained, but at its heart is a remarkable encounter between the sweetest boy I ever knew, and the angriest, loudest, most passionate girl I ever met.

It is my hope that readers will respond to its honesty, and my intent to  work in a space that is closer to reality than fantasy at times. I believe there is eroticism and art to be found in our real lives, and so there was little hesitation when choosing this as my first work to be published.



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